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The Indica-dominant 90 percent Indica, 10 percent Sativa hybrid BMWO Zombie Candy is a blend of Blackberry and OG Kush. THC calculations indicate THC between 18 and 21 percent and CBD between 0.3 and 0.3 percent. Zombie Candy received an award in the 2015 High Times NorCal Medicinal Marijuana.


BMWO Zombie Candy is an Indica hybrid plant produced by crossing the classic strains of Sideral X Bubba Kush (80 percent Indica/20 percent Sativa). Prepared to be hypnotized completely? Ganjaexpress.to Zombie Candy is the ideal option to calm any distracted mind with calming results that will center you on and on your work, until you gradually get sedated.

BMWO Zombie Candy is flooding the brain with an elevated feeling, providing concentration and encouragement as necessary.


Next comes a heavy body buzz, tie you up to the sofa and leave you absolutely joyful as you slip away into a deep and relaxing sleep. BMWO Zombie Candy is reported to be ideal for the treatment of chronic fatigue, anxiety, chronic pain, exhaustion, and lack of appetite.


BMWO Zombie Candy has a pleasant and fruity taste of berry pines and a strong earthy scent. Ganjaexpress.to Zombie Candy buds have woodland grape-shaped tongues with dark purple undertones, thick amber hair, and small matching crystal trichomes.


The hope for all medical patients and painless life is deep and quiet sleep. Those with stress, nausea, depression, and fear will find what they want in Ganjaexpress.to Zombie Candy

Ganjaexpress.to Zombie Candy is an excellent strain for medicinal usage, particularly for a sleep help and stress-related anxiety reduction. This is often a helpful tension to relieve muscle, joint, or ligament pain or stiffness, which can be a “very” effective sedative for certain individuals.


Ganjaexpress.to Zombie Candy is, therefore, an ideal option for casual consumers who like a one-two-punch marijuana knock-down and who may not have complicated regular plans. This could be the Indica strain for athletes, particularly for sports that are challenging to enter.

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