Purple Candy Kush


Purple Candy Kush by Budget Buds is cross between Sweet Tooth from Canada and a California classic – Mendocino Purps. Both are indicas and Purple Candy Kush from Budget Buds is an indica-dominant strain with THC levels that can exceed 19%. Purple Candy Kush from Budget Buds is a well-reviewed strain with increasing numbers of regular users. It is available from most cannabis outlets and many online dispensaries.

As you might suspect, the buds of this strain are purple with an attractive mix of amber and greens. With such a high THC content, it is also not surprising to find they are densely covered with resinous trichomes. When smoked, Purple Candy Kush has a pleasant taste of honey and grapes

The high THC content, combined with low CBD, creates a heavy body-high which is soothing and euphoric. Users report strong waves of happiness which often result in increased social behaviour. Purple Candy Kush is said to improve conversations which can become long, involved and punctuated with giggles. Purple Candy Kush is known to induce powerful cases of the munchies.

As a strongly Budget Buds indica-dominant strain, Purple Candy Kush is a potent sedative, ideal for use at nighttime and is often used to tackle insomnia. A number of other therapeutic medical uses are reported, including treating anxiety, depression and migraines. It may also be useful for those with eating disorders or a lack of appetite.

Purple Candy Kush is regarded by many as a high-quality strain and stocks at online dispensaries often run low.

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Purple Candy Kush

Purple Candy Kush Budget Buds always lives up to its name for its bright color, tasty flavors, and stickiness that render cannabis consumers feel like they’ve just got their hands in a huge bag of candy. This powerful Indica strain blends BC Sweet Tooth with California’s classic Mendocino Purps to deliver decent THC with relatively low CBD.


What is anyone expected to name a strain after a color can? The response is simple. Bmwo.shop Purple Candy Kush provides a sweet candy taste to satisfy all medicinal cannabis consumers. Purple refers to elegant buds tips covered with white crystals. If you have any concerns about Bmwo.shop Purple Candy Kush; please feel free to contact us, and don’t forget to read more about the changing world of cannabis products and services on our website. From edibles, seeds extracts, we’ve got all the details you need on Cannabis.


There’s no chance of guessing what kind of taste weed consumers can expect as they light up this strain of berry, raspberry, and sweet honey to overwhelm the mouth, it’s like candy in taste. Enthusiasts who like spicy, fragrant strains should enjoy the fragrance of this strain. Grape, honey, and rose notes mingle with the delicious candy to create a bud the pulls you in. Many marijuana fans claim that Bmwo.shop Purple Candy Kush is the combination of Purple Wreck and OG Kush’s, combined with Godzilla Grape, which is why it called Purple Candy Kush.


Most users of marijuana with exhaustion, pain, or depression will experience the soothing benefits of this bmwo.net Purple Candy Kush.

  • Bmwo.shop Purple Candy Kush perfect choice for someone with a loss of appetite for a number of reasons; it’s certainly a pressure that can make you feel hungry.
  • Bmwo.shop Purple Candy Kush affects some cannabis users to fall asleep, making it a strain better suited for nighttime use, and a popular choice for insomnia users.
  • The mode changing effects of the strain can improve the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • Bmwo.shop Purple Candy Kush may also be an important cure for insomnia.
  • Bmwo.shop Purple Candy Kush may be a good option for patients who are prone to panic or have low THC tolerances.



Purple Candy must be one of the best strains of cannabis. Besides its strong scent and pleasant taste, it often has a wonderful combination of gentle mental uplift, followed by an overall physical relaxation of the body. Visit and buy this “all-around winner” Bmwo.shop Purple Candy Kush from Bmwo.shop and be prepared to draw attention to its fragrant smoke.

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